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About Jan Jasper

"Jan overhauled our company's dysfunctional filing system. Her considerable knowledge of information and contact management software was very helpful."    
Eli Krupnik, President, Innovative Training Resources, New York, NY
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Getting the Most from Your Technology Tools

World of technology If you manage accounts, people, projects, or just your own time, technology can save you hours and hours each week. Whether your company is making new technology purchases - or making the most of what you've already got - Jasper Productivity Solutions can help.

At JPS we've been online since 1987 - back when everything ran on DOS and dinosaurs roamed the earth. A few years later, people were excited about the release of Windows 3.0. Email had barely been invented and the Web did not yet exist (yes, there was an internet, but there's a difference). That's how long we at Jasper Productivity Solutions have been using computers. And we've run a less-paper office almost as long.

Technology offers speed, efficiency and the flexibility to work remotely - but you've got to use the right products, know how to use them, and have them working together. Ideally your email, calendar, task list, and contact database should be integrated. You don't want 'dueling databases' forcing you to look in Outlook, your smartphone, an Excel spreadsheet, plus a paper notebook to locate a phone number. You don't have time to look at 5 different lists to prioritize your day. Your employees don't have time to hunt for documents in a convoluted file system. And you'll always have some paper - but where's the 'dividing line'?

Click here for tips on getting the most from Microsoft Outlook.
Perhaps the most widely-used technology is Microsoft Outlook. People mostly use it for email and maybe the calendar - but Microsoft Outlook is also a comprehensive scheduling, task, contact, and information management program. Used properly, Outlook allows people to manage their workload, quickly locate information, reduce paper clutter, and ensure timely follow-ups so nothing 'falls through the cracks.'

Due to Outlook's complexity, the trick is knowing which features you really need and how to use them - and how to do things in one click instead of three! That's where we come in. Jasper Productivity Solutions offers Microsoft Outlook customization and coaching. We'll configure Outlook in a way that suits you. We also design custom Outlook forms that will fit you like a glove.

cellphone JPS can help your company in the following areas:
  •  Microsoft Outlook customization & configuration
  •  Outlook coaching in person or by telephone
  •  Data migration
  •  File system design - digital, paper, or a combination
  •  Efficient email management tactics
  •  Smartphone syncing using powerful third-party programs
  •  The less-paper office
  •  Setting up employees to work remotely

Smart use of technology offers enormous advantages in working efficiently. But it's not about having the latest gadget with all the bells and whistles - you're often better off waiting until the developers get the bugs worked out. What's important is the 'fit' between technology and the user. Done right, it will make your work easier and faster in ways you'd never dreamed possible. You'll have less stress and be poised to take advantage of opportunities you'd otherwise miss.

Feedback from an Outlook Customization Client:
    "When MFY Legal Services was looking for an expert to customize Outlook, our tech support firm recommended Jasper Productivity Solutions. MFY needed several fields added to Outlook's forms for day-to-day data management and also to produce our quarterly reports. We sat down with Jan Jasper and explained exactly what we were looking for. Jan worked closely with us to make sure the forms she created would address all of our needs. We found her to be meticulous, technically knowledgeable, and great to work with. The result - Outlook finally captures and displays information in a way that makes sense for the work MFY does! This will reduce our dependence on hard copy records, which will save us a lot of time - a precious commodity for our very busy staff."
       - Juliette D. Bistoury, Director of Operations, MFY Legal Services, Inc.

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