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About Jan Jasper

"Jan worked a minor miracle in my office. She was very patient, despite my resistance. She suggested a couple tips which might sound small, but they made a huge difference and a big improvement in how I handle paper for current matters. I highly recommend her."    David Leffler, Leffler Marcus & McCaffrey LLC, New York, NY
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Media Room

Just a few of the publications that have quoted Jan
World of technology
Jan can inform your audience about:
- How to conquer e-mail overload
- Tips for the road warrior
- Getting the most from office technology
- Standard time-management advice you should ignore
- Working effectively while traveling
- Being productive in a home office
- Why more space & money can create more clutter

I've created these annual 'weeks' -- which are listed in Chase's Calendar of Events - to get the word out about productivity and effectiveness:

Love Your Files Week (third full week of September)
I created this week to promote a positive attitude towards filing - whether paper or computer files. Filing gets a bad rap and it's undeserved. A good filing system can actually be a powerful asset. People dislike filing because they're doing it the hard way. If your file system is set up correctly, it's easy to maintain and a pleasure to use.

Effectiveness Week (third full week of May)
Many neat, tidy people are not effective! What matters is that you get the important things done. You can appear organized and be unable to get things done. You can have a messy desk but still be effective. The purpose of National Effectiveness Week is to promote tolerance of people's different styles of getting things done.

Take Back Your Time Week (last full week of January)
Time is not the enemy. Remember, without time, everything would happen all at once! But seriously, we all have the same 24 hours each day. What separates people who feel they have enough time from those who don't is partly good time management habits. But you also need clear values to direct how you spend your time -- and the ability to prioritize and say "No" to unwanted activities and demands.

Jan is a frequent TV and radio guest. Her appearances include:
  • NPR's Marketplace (National)
  • CNNfn - TV (New York City)
  • CNBC - TV (New York City)
  • KRLD - Radio (Dallas)
  • KSPN - Radio (Aspen)
  • BCTV - TV (Vancouver)
  • CKNW - Radio (Vancouver)
  • CATV - TV (Toronto)
  • WSUI - Radio (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
  • KTLR - Radio (Oklahoma City)
  • WDTR - Radio (Detroit)
  • WBIX - Radio (Boston)
  • WTVJ - TV (Miami)
  • WOI - TV (Des Moines)
  • WHO - TV (Des Moines)
  • KWTV - TV (Oklahoma City)
  • WKRC - TV (Cincinnati)
  • WCPO - TV (Cincinnati)
  • WLW - Radio (Cincinnati)
  • WCHT - Radio (Escanaba, MI)
  • KFLO - Radio (Shreveport LA)
  • KGAB - Radio (Cheyenne WY)
  • Publications that have quoted or interviewed Jan include:
  • Investors Business Daily
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • New York Newsday
  • Hartford Courant
  • Smart Money
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • New York Daily News
  • Woman's Day
  • Redbook
  • Bottom Line Business
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • Fitness
  • Reader's Digest
  • Bottom Line Personal
  • Small Business Computing
  • Self
  • American Way
  • Home Office Computing
  • Men's Fitness
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