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Client Testimonials

"We had a terrific time with you here. It was excellent, very productive and incredibly valuable for my group!"
           Kate Cassino, Global Web Director, The McGraw-Hill Companies, New York, NY

"I inherited a department that lacked essential systems, and what few existed were largely ineffective. I needed to overhaul, upgrade, and streamline my unit. Jan Jasper devised low-maintenance systems that surpassed my expectations."
           Diana Lynn, Manager, Avon Products, Inc., New York, NY

"Prior to engaging Jan Jasper, I was overwhelmed and feeling that I wasn't getting things accomplished. I've attended time-management seminars in the past but they didn't help much. There's a big gap between hearing what you should do, and implementing it in your own office. Jan came in and put together a set of tactics designed just for me, building on my natural strengths. All her recommendations were easy to implement. After just one session with Jan, I started to see improvements. After a couple of sessions I saw dramatic results in my ability to focus. I'm much more on top of things; work no longer sits on my desk longer than it should."
           Dean J. Shapiro, Executive Director, Insignia/ESG Inc., Stamford CT

"Jan Jasper's recommendations saved us thousands of dollars."
          Roger Aguinaldo, CEO, The M&A Advisor, Forest Hills, NY

"You've probably got many imitators who TRY to help people be more organized, but you truly do it. As a result of asking right questions to get to the 'real issues,' we accomplished an amazing amount in 8 hours!"
           Hayes Reilly, President, Hayes Reilly Associates, Morristown, NJ

"My appointments, the company's training schedule, and plans for future growth were stored in a patchwork of different software programs. Jan showed me how to improve the way we store information and overhauled the company's dysfunctional filing system. Her considerable knowledge of information and contact management software was very helpful."
           Eli Krupnik, President, Innovative Training Resources, New York, NY

"Jan is personable, professional, and non-judgmental. What I liked best is that she worked with me and my style, rather than dictating arbitrary rules. Our session was excellent and a great catalyst. In our very first session Jan fired me up to organize my company�s office, and as the company has grown we�ve reaped the benefits for years, each and every day.�
          Marian Calabro, President, CorporateHistory.net LLC, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

"Getting the administrative work done without neglecting substantive work is a vital concern of mine. I have implemented many of Jan's suggestions and feel much more clear-headed and able to concentrate on my work. I heartily recommend Jan's productivity services."
           Howard N. Wallick, President, Colbrook Development Corp., New York, NY

"Thanks for helping me out with some organizational problems that I have been having with running a small business and working freelance. In only two sessions, you helped me to get a better handle on both long-term planning and on day-to-day organization. What I appreciated most about the work you did with me - you guided me to come to my own conclusions, rather than imposing a preset "plan." I have found the ideas and methods that you have shown me to be incredibly helpful. Thanks!"
           Lars Weiss, music producer and audio engineer, Brooklyn, NY

"The logistics of running our business are extremely complicated and Jan picked it up right away. She analyzed how we track client and schedule information and pointed out numerous ways we could streamline our efforts. She's bright, highly competent, and totally professional."
           John Conti, President, Digi-Com Group, Inc., New York, NY

"Jan worked a minor miracle in my office. She was very patient, despite my resistance. She suggested a couple tips which might sound small, but they made a huge difference and a big improvement in how I handle paper for current matters. I highly recommend her."
           David Leffler, Leffler Marcus & McCaffrey LLC, New York, NY

"I was spending considerable time just trying to keep track of client matters, not to mention completing them. My workload is heavy and frequent interruptions make it hard to stick to a schedule. Jan devised a more efficient system that enabled me to spend less time looking for notes and spinning my wheels and more time doing the work. I now feel much better able to handle my demanding workload."
           Tracy Landauer, Stults & Balber, New York, NY

"Jan's method of tracking faxes and photocopies streamlined our entire billing process. Her patience, intelligence, and commitment to service are exceptional and I do not hesitate to recommend her."
           Margaret Baisley, Law Office of Margaret Baisley, New York, NY

"Thank you for your lively and informative presentation on Time Management and Organizing Skills. You gave us a lot of information in a short time, and the feedback has been very positive. We appreciate the time you took to learn about our needs and customize your content for us. You have also been a pleasure to work with, which made my job easier!"
           Libby Bernier-Spiess, Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP, Short Hills, NJ

"Your presentation shows an extensive knowledge of how to organize a law practice so that it works more efficiently, including the use of technology. Perhaps more important, you are able to convey that knowledge in a clear and concise manner and are responsive to questions."
          Clyde J. Eisman, Chair, Solo & Small Firm Practice Committee, New York County Lawyers'
          Association, New York, NY

"We asked Jan to speak at a luncheon of our Association of Legal Administrators Nutmeg Chapter. Jan is an inspiring speaker! Her information was relevant for the computer-savvy, as well as those who prefer manual methods of recordkeeping and calendaring. We all walked away with ideas we could implement as soon as we got back to our offices and see immediate results."
           Michael R. Orce, Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP, Stamford, CT

"Thanks for your super presentation, "Work Smarter, Not Harder." The feedback from the group was very enthusiastic indeed. You could tell how compelling your talk was by how many people (myself included) were scribbling notes like crazy. No one wanted to miss a thing�. You made being organized and in control of things actually seem within reach!"
           Sally Dougan, Co-President New York Chapter of the Association of Career Professionals, New York, NY

"You greatly assisted us on the issues of time management in the law office. Your knowledge of the computer software packages available for law office functions was particularly helpful."
          Richard A. Klass, Co-chair, Group Mentoring Program, New York County Lawyers'
          Association, New York, NY

"Jan selected the most appropriate information management software for me and trained me in how to use it. She goes out of her way to provide meticulous service and is a real pleasure to work with."
           Caroline Barrett, President, Gotham Registry, Inc., New York, NY

"Jan's program is very good! The tips I learned will be very helpful in managing my time."
           Diana Murray, Managing Director, Chapin Hill Advisors; formerly CFO, Columbia University, New York, NY

"Jan was fantastic! The 90 minutes flew by as she not only helped me organize Outlook and teach me some of its most useful features, she also helped me with my work-flow and get my entire business organized. I�m implementing her suggestions now and look forward to becoming more organized! You�re really great. Thanks!
          Jim Evans, Real Estate Professional, Alexandria VA