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About Jan Jasper

"Jan Jasper's recommendations saved us thousands of dollars."
Roger Aguinaldo, CEO, The M&A Advisor,
Forest Hills, NY

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Personal Productivity Coaching by Phone

Virtual productivity coaching can be an excellent solution if the in-person approach isn't feasible due to geography. We start with a couple of phone calls or emails to identify your issues. Then we schedule an intensive 90-minute phone session. Before the session, you'll send me screen
Tips on choosing a productivity coach

shots of your email inbox, your calendar, and task list. (If your calendar and tasks are on paper, you'll scan some representative pages and email them to me.) Photos of your desk and office are helpful too. I'll review these and get back to you with some specific questions to prepare for our session.

During the session, we may use SKYPE so I can see your computer - I'll want to see your schedule, email inbox, task list, etc. while we work. How you handle email and documents, your task list, projects, and your prioritizing and planning skills all affect your personal productivity, so rather than treating these as separate 'modules' we'll tackle it all as an integrated whole. You can hire Jan for two hours for $350, payable in advance by credit card.

Just want some quick answers? You may hire Jan for one hour for $175, payable in advance by credit card. This involves an email exchange to identify your issues, followed by a 45-minute phone session.

Productivity Coaching Packages

If you're serious about improving your personal productivity, our coaching packages provide custom-tailored strategies to help you work smarter, not harder - and the ongoing support you need to make your new habits stick for lifelong results.

Whether you choose the 3-, 6-, or 12-month package, we'll start with a thorough assessment of your strengths and your challenges, and we'll sort out what's hard-wired (in both your job and your personal habits) and what can be changed.

We'll brainstorm different tactics and test and fine-tune new strategies. During each session I'll suggest new tactics for you to try, then you'll report back to me at our next session. At every stage, it's up to you to implement and follow through. I'll be there to support you while you form new habits that will benefit you for a lifetime.

3-month Package

You get 6 sessions, 2 per month. The first 3 sessions are each 90 minutes long, and each of the remaining 3 sessions are 45 minutes long. Your investment is $1,575 if you pay in advance by credit card. Save $100 if you pay in advance by check - your investment then is only $1,475. Contact us to make arrangements to pay by check.

If you're looking for a complete productivity overhaul, a longer commitment is your best bet. The 6- and 12-month packages provide the structure, ongoing support, and accountability that we all need to form new habits and make them stick. This investment will pay you back, many times over, for the rest of your professional life. There are also significant discounts for the 6- and 12-month packages.

6-month Package

You get 12 sessions, 2 per month. In the first month our sessions are 90 minutes long. In the following 5 months, the sessions are 45 minutes long. In between sessions, you can touch base with me by email. Your investment is $2,850 if you pay in advance by credit card. Save 5% if you pay in advance by check - your investment then is only $2,707. Contact us to make arrangements to pay by check.

12-month Package

You get 24 sessions, 2 per month. Same as the 6-month package, but with an additional 6 months during which you get two 45-minute sessions every month. In between sessions, you can touch base with me by email, plus I offer one check-in phone call every month. Your investment is $5,550 if you pay in advance by credit card. Save 10% if you pay in advance by check - your investment then is only $4,995. Contact us to make arrangements to pay by check.

By the end of the full 12-month program, you will have gained*:

•  Better control of your workload
•  A big-picture view of everything on your plate so you can better prioritize
•  The ability to be more proactive and less reactive
•  Improved ability to keep commitments and get things done on time
•  Strategies to stay on top of your email
•  A task management system to ensure that nothing 'slips through the cracks'
•  The ability to get the most from your organizational software
•  A digital filing system that allows you to find things quickly
•  Strategies to beat procrastination
•  Return from travel and no longer face a big backlog of work
•  Skills to delegate more effectively and get the most from your assistant
•  Less anxiety and reduced stress
*Individual results vary.

More Questions? See FAQs on Workflow Coaching
Is It Worth the Money?

Ask Yourself:

•  How long have you been trying to do this on your own?
•  Has it worked so far?
•  What makes you think that doing the same thing again is going to give you a different result?
•  What will it cost you in terms of lost income, missed opportunities for advancement, or continued stress, if nothing changes?

The sooner you start, the sooner you'll start getting results and seeing improvements.

Client testimonials attest to the significant results my clients achieve.

Not Sure If This Is What you Need?

I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone call to discuss your issues. Just contact us for an appointment - there's no obligation.

Ready to get started?

Your first step is to provide an overview of your issues. Copy and paste the following list of questions into a new email, answer each question, then send it to jasper at janjasper dot com. Or you can copy and paste your answers into our Contact form. We'll get back to you, usually within 24 hours, to schedule an appointment to begin your productivity coaching.

Want more information? Return to Workflow Coaching page.
•  Your name?
•  Job title or business?
•  Phone number and time zone?
•  What would you like Jan to help you with?
•  Did you consider other productivity coaches? If so, why did you decide to hire Jan?
•  How many emails are in your inbox?
•  Do you use a paper planner or appointment book? Which brand?
•  Do you use software (for example, Microsoft Outlook) or a handheld digital tool? Which one?
•  Can you find information you need quickly & easily?
•  Do you have trouble prioritizing your tasks?
•  Are you mostly reactive, or proactive?
•  Do things 'fall through the cracks' and you forget to follow up?
Ready to start? Reserve a session now!
•  What does your desk look like?
•  Do you work in a noisy environment with frequent interruptions?
•  How often do you travel for work?
•  If you were more productive, how would things be different or better?
•  What happens if you don't address these issues?

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