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About Jan Jasper

"Jan was fantastic! The 90 minutes flew by as she not only helped me organize Outlook and teach me some of its most useful features, she also helped me with my work-flow and get my entire business organized. I�m implement-
ing her suggestions now and look forward to becoming more organized!"     Jim Evans, Real Estate Professional, Alexandria VA
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Microsoft Outlook Customization Services

Most people only use Outlook superficially, for managing email and the calendar. But if you work IN Outlook - not merely with it - it will transform the way you work and save you hours every week.

outlook With Microsoft Outlook as your 'control central,' your calendar, client or project notes, task list, reminders, long-range planning, etc. are all in one place - no more multiple lists to check. With less paper to handle - and fewer places to look for information - you can more easily stay on top of projects, deadlines, and information. You're poised to take advantage of opportunities that arise. Another benefit of having more information in the computer - it can be securely backed up in a way that paper cannot.

Want to get the most from your technology?
Click here for tips on getting the most from Microsoft Outlook.
But Outlook won't do this "out of the box." You need to customize Outlook to suit your needs. You may need fields added that are pertinent to your company or industry. You may need a whole new form created for appointments, contacts, or tasks. This enables you to create powerful reports displaying all the information you need at a glance. But don't try this at home. You need someone experienced in Microsoft Outlook customization and configuration.

If you need to sync Outlook to a handheld, you may want something more than the built-in programs. There are excellent sync programs which will put much more of Outlook into your handheld. These vary widely, for example in how they handle public folders and attachments. Expert advice can help you make the right choice.

Your computer support people can't do this because it's not only about technical specs and software features. It's about your work habits. It's about how you relate to information & tasks. It's about improving the 'fit' between you and your computer. So if you want to work at peak efficiency - and save yourself hours of frustration - contact us about our Outlook customization services.

What Clients Are Saying
"When MFY Legal Services was looking for an expert to do some Microsoft Outlook customization, our tech support firm recommended Jasper Productivity Solutions. MFY needed several fields added to Outlook's forms for day-to-day data management and also to produce our quarterly reports. We sat down with Jan Jasper and explained exactly what we were looking for. Jan worked closely with us to make sure the forms she created would address all of our needs. We found her to be meticulous, technically knowledgeable, and great to work with.

The result - Outlook finally captures and displays information in a way that makes sense for the work MFY does! This will reduce our dependence on hard copy records, which will save us a lot of time - a precious commodity for our very busy staff."

      - Juliette D. Bistoury, Director of Operations, MFY Legal Services, Inc.

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